Who are Valerie & Veit?


Who are Valerie & Veit?

A couple of years ago the hardworking siblings Veit and Valerie stumbled over Fantastic Frank and since then been busy as bees with settling the Fantastic Frank brand in one of Europe´s most toughest real estate markets. They here share their huge business focus and love for architecture and interior design but also all the Frankfurter must-go´s and what they're up to in their extra hours.




Who and how are you?

We are siblings from Taunus area aka Königstein, a picturesque suburb of Frankfurt. But family wise we are from big Berlin. We started our real estate investment boutique together in 2008 and are still active in this commercial business next to our business with Fantastic Frank, which is only about residential properties. Veit studied Real Estate Economy at famous EBS University and is Mr Sporty. He loves to cook and to travel with his racing bike to Mallorca. Valerie studied Marketing and Communication at EBS London and is more into design, interiors, classic cars, animal welfare and environmental conservation. She loves her "second homes“ Ibiza and Capetown. At this moment we’re both very busy with developing our FF business in the German financial capital Frankfurt - and also in Taunus and Wiesbaden. But we can say that we already established the brand very well with our team of 5 employees. 

 How did your journey with Fantastic Frank start? 

It started in 2018 with an accidental meeting in Soho House Berlin, where we met Lea, the Managing Partner of Fantastic Frank Berlin. We were like "cool - let’s start a business together in Franky“. Frankfurt is the the second (or most) interesting city in case of real estate next to Berlin in Germany.  

What´s up right now?

A lot! We’re acquiring new projects every week and selling our carefully curated properties in Frankfurt, Taunus and Wiesbaden. We also will move into a brand new showroom around the corner in the next months and just got our new Fantastic Frank car - a grey Fiat 500 from the 70’s. This will be an eyecatcher, when we drive to our viewings and clients - like travel in style. 

What are you most proud of? 

We are proud of the fact that we developed the Fantastic Frank business and brand so successfully in Frankfurt in a very short time. Everybody knows Fantastic Frank and we are perceived as strong competition from long-established real estate companies. And you must say that Frankfurt is a city with lots of professionals and competition in the real estate business. These companies are not focused on design and architecture yet like Berlin or other more „creative“ cities in Germany. So it was double hard work to convince the market of Fantastic Frank concept the last 2 years. It was more like building up a start-up!


What´s the next step? 

Growing growing growing and become even more famous in Frankfurt and whole Germany with the Fantastic Frank concept! Probably a bigger team. More properties and a really ambitious development with nice archi and great business partners! 


Your Frankfurt (and hoods) favourites? 

A visit to "The English Theatre“, afterwards a nice dinner at ABER or Weinsinn, or a drink at Tiny Cup or Elaines. We also like to visit "Schirn Museum“ and its restaurant - one of Frankfurts in-places "Badias". Badia Ouahi is a good friend, visionary and cool kid in Frankfurts gastro scene. On the weekend take a walk on the Main River at famous "Museumsufer“, walk by "Emma Metzler“ for a fancy lunch/dinner and a natural wine. A walk through the inner city aka "Bankfurt“ with its skyscrapers feels a bit like Manhattan. That’s why we call our hometown also "Mainhattan“. On the other side of the Main river you can find our Fantastic Frank showroom and the hip "Brückenviertel“ with its cool, little shops and cafés. Don’t miss the local specialities: Grüne Sosse and Apfelwein! Just yummy and veggie! The new build "old town“ of Frankfurt is also worth going, although it feels a bit like Disneyland. The new club "Fortuna Irgendwo“ of Frankfurt’s ambassador Ardi Goldman will soon open its doors and will attract the party, cultural and art scene - in our opinion the next place to be in Germany. Cultural hot-spots are also "Städel Museum“ and "Goethe Haus“ (birthplace of Johann Wolfgang Goethe), a drive to the famous wine area "Rheingau“ and to Taunus with its nice hiking, biking and outdoor opportunities is always a good idea.