A carefully curated range of homes, a focus on aesthetics, and a commitment to perfect service set us apart.

From our beautiful office in the heart of Amsterdam, we advise and guide our clients in the purchase and sale of a home. We have been rooted in the Amsterdam housing market for over fifteen years. Therefore we have built a large network and we know exactly what is going on. We are there for everyone - whether you are moving here for the first time or leaving the city. Buying or selling a house is a big event in your life, and we understand that like no other. That's why customer attention is our number one priority. At Fantastic Frank Amsterdam we understand that the picture matters. We owe our success to our focus on aesthetics, combined with limitless service. 

Our team of real estate agents, photographers and interior stylists are at your service every day. Want to get acquainted? Drop by at Nieuwe Herengracht 35, or contact us at +31 20 21 018 79 / amsterdam@fantasticfrank.com.

You are Fantastic. We are Frank.

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Fantastic Frank Amsterdam

We are committed to supporting you through every step of your sales or purchase process. While being focused on the numbers, we believe in providing a holistic service that goes beyond the transactional aspects, focusing on the overall experience and satisfaction of our clients. Whether you're moving to, residing in, or departing from Amsterdam, we are here to ensure that your real estate decisions enhance your life's journey in meaningful ways.

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Experience a top-tier, personalized property finding service in Amsterdam with our dedicated team of Fantastic Frank Amsterdam, your personal property finder!

Allow us to assist you in discovering the perfect property or investment opportunity. We excel in guiding clients through every step of the purchase journey. With a wealth of local market knowledge and a proven track record of satisfied buyers, we prioritize our clients' needs above all else. Our commitment goes beyond mere transactions; we are dedicated to ensuring our clients make the most of their exciting venture. We firmly believe in understanding their present requirements as well as their future aspirations, striving to make the perfect match that aligns with their unspoken desires. At our agency, we go above and beyond to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional service.

Utilizing our extensive network of owners, builders, and brokers, we meticulously curate a personalized selection of properties tailored specifically for you. With our service, your only concern is whether the homes we present meet your liking - we handle everything else.

The journey commences with a thorough analysis of your needs and desires, conducted either over the phone or in person in Amsterdam. We attentively listen and inquire to pinpoint the optimal location and property type for your search and find. Once your requirements are clarified, we promptly take action.

Subsequently, we present you with a curated selection of properties. With your feedback, we continuously refine your profile, enhancing the efficiency of our search daily. We accompany you on property viewings, providing personalized guidance every step of the way.

Here's a brief overview of the purchasing journey:

1. Introduction
We initiate by thoroughly discussing your preferences, requirements, and concerns to create a detailed search profile.

2. Searching Phase
We proactively hunt for suitable properties, arrange viewings, and offer professional advice during property visits.

3. Property Investigation Phase
We conduct thorough legal and structural assessments, provide valuation services, and assist you through the purchase offer process.

4. Buying Phase
We aid in formulating offers, review and explain purchase agreements, and ensure deadlines are met.

5. Connecting with Third Parties
We help you select reputable third-party services and accompany you during crucial inspections.

6. Support
We provide continuous guidance and address any queries or concerns throughout the purchasing process.

7. Inspection and Notary
We ensure a seamless property inspection and guide you through the signing process at the notary's office.

8. Post-Purchase Support
Even after the key handover, we remain available to provide assistance, offering guidance and recommendations as needed.

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