We sell properties all over Mallorca with a focus on Palma and its surroundings. Our properties are of a high standard which means charming restorations but also fully completed restorations where details have been chosen with extra care. We work close to our customers and believe in a heartfelt collaboration. This, together with a large network of contacts on the island and a portfolio of interesting properties we also work as buying agents towards our successful sales.

We handpicked our team of talented and experienced brokers, photographers and interior stylists.

Come by our office on Carrer de Berenguer de Sant Joan 3 in Palma, or call / chat / email us at +34 871 027 049, +34 655 69 96 57 or palma@fantasticfrank.com. We assist you in a moment.

For sale

Finca vineyard Bini


4 bedrooms475 m² + 17.740 m² plot3.999.000 €

Luxurious Eco-Elegance


4 bedrooms302 m² constructed area + 17.700 m² plot3.500.000 €

Townhouse Convent


3 bedrooms134 m² living area, 49 m² patio, 10 m² roof terrace 895.000 €

Modern finca Selva


4 bedrooms319m²4.200.000 €

The Retreat House


3 bedrooms140 m²1.400.000 €

Eco-Luxury Townhouse

Santa Catalina

3 bedrooms160m² constructed area1.250.000 €

Penthouse Bons Aires

Palma - Bons Aires

2 bedrooms80 m² + 50 m² terrace795.000 €

The Foners Collection

Palma - Foners

1-2 bedrooms48 m² - 124 m²330.000 - 660.000

Apartment La Missió

Palma - Old Town

2 bedrooms72 m² living area, 80 m² constructed area410.000 €

Duplex Penthouse with sea views and balconies

Palma - Old Town

3 bedrooms145m² living area, 7m² terrace985.000 €

Seaview Penthouse

Calvia - Illetas

3 bedrooms111 m²1.650.000 €

Luxurious Tranquil Oasis


4 bedrooms335m² main house 760m² constructed area5.350.000 €

Renovated Country House in Ses Alqueries

Santa Eugenia

5 Bedrooms550m² constructed area1.975.000 €

The Rambla Avenue Penthouse

Palma - Old Town

2-3 bedrooms 208m² +52m² terrace1.850.000 €

Townhouse with rental license


4 bedrooms225 m² + 270 m² 2.300.000 €
The image showcases a spacious living room with a large window, allowing natural light to fill the room. The room is furnished with a couch, a chair, and a coffee table. A potted plant is placed on the coffee table, adding a touch of greenery to the space.

In addition to the furniture, there are two vases on the coffee table, one on the left side and the other on the right side. A bowl can also be seen on the coffee table, likely containing a decorative item or a small gift.

The living room is well-lit, with

Bright Pied-à-Terre in the Old Town

Palma - Old Town

1 bedrooms56 m²450.000 €

Charming Townhouse with Pool


5 bedrooms465m² + 284m² plot2.750.000 €

Stylish city flat with a private patio

Palma - Son Armadams

2 bedrooms96m² built +16m² patio +4m² balcony495.000 €

Charming little house with pool

Palma - Son Espanyolet

1.5 bedrooms65m² + 20m² terrace595.000 €

Unrivalled beauty in the heart of Mallorca

Santa Maria del Camí

4 bedrooms320m² constructed area + 14.949m² plot of land3.800.000 €

Chic city flat in old town palace


1 bedrooms78m²795.000 €

Newly built apartment near the sea

Palma - El Molinar

2 bedrooms80m² constructed area + 20m² patio 945.000 €

Country home bliss with pool

Palma - Son Anglada

4 bedrooms281m² constructed area + 10.644m² plot 1.495.000 €

Historic Palace


5 bedrooms564m² living area+ 609m² plot + guest house2.350.000 €

Contemporary City Penthouse

Palma - Son Espanyolet

3 bedrooms135m² interior + 60m² terrace1.495.000 €
A white dining table with a white tablecloth is set in a room with a view of the ocean, surrounded by chairs. A person is standing near the table, and a vase is placed on the table.

Sea view villa in Port Alcudia

Port d'Alcudia

4 bedrooms326m² constructed area + 945m² plot1.950.000 €
The image features a patio with a table and chairs, a glass vase with flowers, and a book on the table.

Unique beach house with tourist licence

Colonia Sant Pere

4 bedrooms188m² living area + 400m² plot1.075.000 €
The image features a spacious living room with a large window overlooking a city view, a glass coffee table, two couches, a chair, and a potted plant.

Seaside gem Cala Mayor

Palma - Cala Mayor

2 bedrooms70 m² +15 m² terrace595.000 €
A large brick house with a stone facade is located in a rural area, surrounded by a green field and a mountain. The house has a porch with a bench, and there are several potted plants and a bird on the porch.

Soller finca from the early 19th century


3 bedrooms200m² + 3000m² garden790.000 €
The image features a large, well-maintained backyard with a swimming pool, a patio, a garden, and a house.

Exquisite townhouse

Palma - Son Espanyolet

3 bedrooms 180m² + 77m² terrace2.250.000 €

Townhouse Open Fields

S'Alqueria Blanca

3 bedrooms162 m² constructed area, 95 m² garden and 21 m² pool1.395.000 €

Country house with mountain view


4 bedrooms485 m² constructed + 20.171 m² plot4.995.000 €
The image features a beautiful outdoor patio area with a large swimming pool surrounded by lush greenery. The pool is filled with water, and there are several chairs and umbrellas placed around it, providing comfortable seating for relaxation.

There are multiple chairs placed around the pool, with some closer to the water and others further away. A few umbrellas are also present, offering shade for those who prefer to stay out of the sun. The patio is adorned with a variety of plants, adding to the serene atmosphere of the scene.

In addition to

Townhouse with pool and guesthouse


6 bedrooms550m²P.O.A

Reformed apartment with sea view

Palma - Cala Mayor

3 bedrooms85m²499.000 €
The image features a large, empty swimming pool located on a balcony overlooking the ocean. The pool is surrounded by a white deck, and there is a bench nearby for relaxation. The balcony is decorated with a few potted plants, adding a touch of greenery to the scene.

In the background, there is a city view, with a few houses visible on the hillside. The ocean view is also visible from the balcony, creating a serene and picturesque atmosphere.

Beautiful villa with a great sea view


5 bedrooms547m² constructed area + 972m² plot4.995.000 €
The image features a modern, white, and minimalist living room with a dining table, chairs, and a fireplace.

Apartment in the heart of Santa Catalina

Palma - Santa Catalina

2 bedrooms80 m²560.000 €
A large, two-story house with a swimming pool is located in a lush green yard.

Beautiful finca with vineyard


5 bedrooms590 m² constructed area + 29.851 m² plot4.600.000 €
The image features a modern, white living room with a large couch, a chair, and a coffee table.

Luxury apartment in Santa Catalina

Palma - Santa Catalina

2 bedrooms105m² + 30m² terrace1.250.000 €
The image features a large, old building with a stone facade, surrounded by a courtyard filled with oranges.

Beautiful finca on the outskirts of Palma

Palma - Son Espanyol

5 bedrooms676m² constructed + 31 660m² plot2.995.000 €
A room with a wooden floor and a window, a chair, a potted plant, and a lamp.

New one bed city apartment

Palma - Old Town

1 bedroom1000 sqft or 100 m²450.000 €
The image features a large swimming pool with a white tile roof, surrounded by a patio area with a lounge chair and a table.

Townhouse Son Espanyolet with 2 pools

Palma - Son Espanyolet

4 bedrooms200m² constr. area+ 144m² terraces1.950.000 €
A large swimming pool is surrounded by a patio area with chairs and a lounge chair, creating a relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

Beautiful country house with sea view

Son Servera

3 bedrooms328m² constructed area + 16 400m² plot1.790.000 €
The image features a large, modern apartment with a white couch on a balcony overlooking a cityscape.

Newly built penthouse with pool

Santa Ponsa

3 bedrooms105m² + 153m² terraces1.200.000 €
A modern, white house with a large swimming pool is surrounded by a lush green lawn and a patio area. The house has a large glass wall, and there are several chairs and dining tables placed around the pool area.

Modern villa with amazing views

Palma - Son Vida

7 bedrooms 700m² constructed area 3090m² plot7.200.000 €
The image features a modern, clean, and well-lit kitchen with a large island, a white couch, and a potted plant.

The Architect's Own House

Palma - El Terreno

5 bedrooms150m² living area + 175m² terrace3.900.000 €

Can Placa Townhouse


3 bedrooms205m² built and 23m² terraces1.150.000 €

1950s village house

Palma - Genova

3 bedrooms139m² house + 232m² plot1.150.000 €

Historical building in Old Town

Palma - Old Town

12 bedrooms555m² constructed area5.500.000 €

Stylish city apartment


3 bedrooms133m²1.350.000 €

Beautiful finca in the countryside


5 bedrooms450m² constructed + 29 680m² plot3.490.000 €

Contemporary Duplex Apartment

Palma - Bonanova

3 bedrooms120m² + 15m² terrace1.195.000 €

Villa with panoramic mountain view


5 bedrooms717m² constructed + 14500m² plot3.400.000 €

Luxury in Santa Ponsa

Santa Ponsa

5 bedrooms700m² constructed + 1.125m² plot5.500.000 €

Penthouse with amazing terrace

Palma - Son Dameto

3 bedrooms80m² + 30m² terrace499.000 €

Country house with breathtaking views


2 bedrooms150m² + 10 000m² plot1.790.000 €

Luxurious townhouse with sea views and pool

Palma - Son Armadams

3 bedrooms296 m²3.675.000 €

Charming newly built townhouse

Biniali - Sencelles

3 bedrooms230 m² incl. 16 m² pool1.195.000 €

Newly reformed apartment

Palma - Son Cotoner

3 bedrooms110 m²450.000 €

Sea view Apartment in Cas Català

Calvia - Cas Catala

3 bedrooms128 m² + 20 m² terrace1.790.000 €

Bright corner apartment in prime area

Palma - Old Town

3 bedrooms175 m²1.550.000 €

Historic apartment in the old town

Palma - Old Town

2 bedrooms188 m²1.650.000 €

Rustic country house with vineyard


3 bedrooms330 m² + 21.179 m² plot895.000 €

Country house with Mediterranean garden


4 bedrooms176 m² + 210 m² terraces + 7.053 m² plot990.000 €

Village house at the foot of Tramuntana

Mancor de la Vall

1 bedrooms124 m² + 72 m² plot479.000 €

Townhouse with bodega and pool


3 bedrooms412 m² + 275 m² plot1.195.000 €

Modern penthouse with harbour view

Port Andratx

3 bedrooms200 m² + 100 m² terrace2.150.000 €

A dream in Fornalutx


2 bedrooms110 m² + 120 m² patio1.075.000 €

A summer's dream in Illetas

Calvia - Illetas

3 bedrooms100 m² + 30m²995.000 €

Luxurious Mediterranean villa with unbeatable views

Port Andratx

6 bedrooms321 m² + 878 m² plot7.900.000 €

Luxury apartments in Portopí

Palma - Portopí

2-4 bedroomsfrom 146 m² 1.995.000 €

Seafront Dream House

Palma - Portixol

2 bedrooms130 m² + 60 m² roof terrace4.200.000 €

Newly renovated one bed apartments in city center

Palma - Pere Garau

1 bedroom 103 m² - 112 m²330.000 €


Ses Salines - Santanyi

4 bedrooms370 m² + ~30.000 m² plot1.495.000 €

Contemporary Panoramic Villa

Santa Maria del Camí

5 bedrooms~543 m² + 14.210 m² plot4.800.000 €

Alaró Heritage Estate


6 bedrooms1.051 m² + 20.000 m² plot5.980.000 €


The image features a balcony with a wooden table and chairs, creating a cozy outdoor dining area.

Sunny Attic

Camp D'en Serralta

2 bedrooms68 m² + 27 m² terrace

Penthouse with private terrace

Palma - Old Town

2 bedrooms70m² + 37m² terrace

Classic penthouse with private terrace

Palma - Son Armadams

3 bedrooms76m² + 41m² terrace

Classic modernism at Paseo Borne

Palma - La Lonja

3 bedrooms100 m²750.000 €

Newly built contemporary villa with stunning views


4 bedrooms304m² + 18.130m² plot

New penthouse with two private terraces

Palma - Old Town

2 bedrooms134m² + 40m² terraces

The Penthouse

Palma - San Agustin

2 bedrooms1000 sqft or 100 m²

Adorable townhouse with pool


3 rooms224m² constructed area + 210m² plot

Finca nestled in Arta's surroundings


5 bedrooms249m² living area + 15 000m² plot

A Mediterranean oasis in the countryside


5 bedrooms300m² + 10 500m² plot

Luxury living in Cas Catala

Calvia - Cas Catala

5 bedrooms443m² + 1362m² plot

Lovely townhouse with pool

Palma - Son Espanyolet

3 bedrooms218m²

Townhouse with pool and mountain views


4 bedrooms230m² house + 561m² plot

Beautiful townhouse with pool


4 bedroomsApprox 160m² + 36m² terrace

Eco finca with tourist licence


4 bedrooms589m² constructed + plot of 40.000m²

Dreamlike Townhouse

Calvia - Old Bendinat

3 bedrooms137m² + 80m² terrace

Can a Sense

Palma - Son Espanyolet

5 bedrooms208m² constr. + 100m² terraces + 60m² garden with pool

Magical hideaway


1 bedroom 59m² + 752m² plot

Dream oasis with amazing roof terrace

Palma - Son Espanyolet

3 bedrooms165m² + roof terrace 50m²

Seaside views

Calvia - Illetas

2 bedrooms72m² + 10m² terrace

Reformed historical townhouse


3 bedrooms225m² + 170m² garden

Charming townhouse with pool

Santa Margalida

2 bedrooms80m² + 48m² terrace

Designer finca with pool

Santa Maria del Camí

4 bedrooms541m²

The designers village house


3 bedrooms234m² + 65m² patio

Can Gaspar


10 rooms510m² + plot of approx. 4.000m² + a large pool

The Architects Port House

Port de Soller

2 bedroomsDuplex No.1 - 120 m²

Living the dream


1 bedroom 56m² + 38m² terraces
Image description goes here.


Enjoy a first class, personal property finding service on Mallorca - personal property finder.

Being an apartment or a house, in the city, in a village or in the countryside, let us help you find the perfect property or investment project. Thanks to our wide contact network of owners, builders and other brokers we can present you with a relevant and unique selection of properties. With our service - you only need one point of contact; us.

Our process starts with an analysis of your needs and expectations, either over phone or in person in Palma. We listen and ask questions to narrow down the best location and type of property to focus on in our search. When it is clear we go to work.A selection of properties is then presented and with your feedback, we reduce it to a shortlist of relevant properties to view. When on Mallorca we escort you around and do the viewings together.The best part - it doesn’t cost you anything. Our commission is paid by the seller, that means until you buy the property - we work for you for free. It’s that simple.

  1. Analysis of needs/demands
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The benefits of buying new build homes in Mallorca are many. The layouts are modern, focusing on light, social spaces and outdoor areas. You get a care-free ownership over a long time to come and a high resale value. The quality of design, materials, and installations is high thanks to reputable architects and builders.

We can offer a wide variety of projects so contact us today and we will start the journey together.

New development is a good investment in Palma - when you have the right help.

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