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RetroChic Design

In Milan, if we are looking for interior design inspiration we go for RetroChic Design Instagram profile  There we can always find something creative and stimulating. Today we would like to introduce you to RetroChic Design founders Gabriela Bodea & Andrea Luzzi.


What are your backgrounds?

Both me and Andrea have studied Economics, have been exposed to international work environments and have a very strong passion for aesthetics. Initially, we were attracted by the fashion industry and this common interest actually got us together. Andrea worked in fashion luxury companies such as Marni, Giorgio Armani, Maison Margiela etc for over 15 years. After that passion slightly faded, we focused our energies on the design and art world.

Tell us more about The Retro Chic blog?

We have started RetroChicDesign in 2015, when me and Andrea decided to move in together and rent an empty apartment, which we needed to decorate. Andrea was obsessed with midcentury-design, he passed his passion to me and together we have started doing research on how to integrate these design items in contemporary interiors so that the overall atmosphere stay modern. Furthermore, we started going to design fairs and soon we realised that majority of the exposed objects and furnitures were inspired by the aesthetics of the 50’s and the 60’s. In these circumstances, we have created our RetroChicDesign Instagram page and we started sharing pictures of contemporary interiors that had emphasized design icons from the past.

Which is the main philosophy behind your blog?

RetroChicDesign presents to its community stories of contamination in between iconic design and art. We believe that the past should not be forgotten and should always be a source of inspiration for the future generations. We reckon that good design is collectible, timeless and chic. Ennobling the past means preserving the memory but also sustaining the environment. We choose quality over quantity. RetroChicDesign now is becoming a digital incubator of new trends and talents from Design and Art world with a mission of sharing aesthetics excellence.

Do you have interior design studios you particularly like to follow?

This question is difficult as we highly appreciate many interior design studios. We absolutely love how Claude Missir, Charles Zana, Steven Harris Architects, Flack Studio or Jaime Beristain Studio create their interiors around extraordinary art pieces. On the other hand, we absolutely adore the relax oasis feeling in the interiors of Banda Property, Joanna Laven, Anthology Creative Studio etc, who have an impeccable use of chromatics and materials.




What could you say about your blog followers? 

We absolutely LOVE them! We are so thrilled that we share our passion with so many art and design lovers. This was the reason why we kept on going. Its feels amazing to see that we enter daily in the houses of so many people. On one hand we receive many direct massages daily from fashion and design enthusiasts that thank us for helping them make better interior choices. On the other hand, many of our followers are artists and architects that are either inspired by our page or they want their artworks/projects promoted on our platform. We are pleased to sustain and give visibility to new talents.

The most interesting collaboration for Retro Chic via Instagram? 

For us every collaboration is interesting as it allows us to tell the story of the creative process and to share the philosophy of our partners. Unlike Fashion world that is highly digitalized, the design world is slightly behind. In these circumstances, we are fortunate to share the storytelling of many well-known design brands or interior studios that want to promote their projects. We must admit that we are particularly happy when we can collaborate and give visibility to emerging talents.

What are you currently reading?

Besides the interior design and contemporary design magazines? ☺ I read Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman and Andrea is reading publications and essays about Green Economy and Sustainability.

Apps you like to use?

Instagram of course. ☺

Besides that, Andrea recently discovered Club House that allows users to share ideas with people that have the same passions. He uses also Behance to discover new talents from Design, Graphics, Illustrations, Art and Photography world. TimePage by Moleskine Studio is frequently used as well by Andrea to organize his agenda. I use a lot Spotify. I love listening to chill music and nature sounds which reminds me of my countryside home in Romania and it helps me relax. With the lockdowns on and off I miss nature so much. I am also obsessed with PicCollage as it helps me create super fast mood boards.