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Rainer Görg, Founder from Görg Architekten, combines structured concrete and warm wood in his architectures to create light-flooded, modern villas. Always in the focus: the harmony of house and environment - because nature is more than a source of inspiration for Görg, as he told us in the interview.

1. Architecture in times of social distancing - does the current situation give a new perspective on the design of living spaces?

Many people currently work from home. This makes them much more aware of their living spaces. Most people don't usually spend that much time in their house or apartment. They leave the house early in the morning and only come home late in the evening. Now a new consciousness is emerging. We at Görg Architekten have always created houses whose interiors form a symbiosis with the surrounding nature. In times in which the house becomes the center of everyday life, this is all the more important to maintain vision.

2. What’s your approach when working together with clients?

First of all, it is important to me that the chemistry is right. In addition, trust is the basis of our work: we construct a holistic work from the planning of the light to the details that make all the difference. I like to compare that with mountaineering. A mountain guide can judge at first glance whether someone can climb the mountain or not. If the mountain guide is constantly asked on the rock face whether the rope is really stable enough, then there is a lack of confidence and the project will not succeed. We don't see ourselves as service providers, but rather provide support for a new attitude towards life.

3. What is your favourite house?

Behind my desk hangs a picture of a tent in the Tibetan highlands where I once stayed overnight. The textile walls, woven from yak hair, protect against wind and rain and keep the warmth inside the tent. Surrounded by nature, above the stars - that’s what a great house should be like. 


4. What kind of projects are you looking for?

Architecture is not my goal in life. I have made many expeditions and travelled the world. I am not a classic architect who does architecture just for the sake of architecture. I get my inspiration from solitude, from nature, from my travels. When you are in the wilderness, you get a completely different relationship to living. I would like to see more housing projects in developing countries that have a social and ecological benefit.

5. Do you have a favourite material when designing houses?

Concrete, wood, patinated surfaces - I am attracted to materials that undergo an ageing process. Japanese philosophy recognises the beauty in the ephemeral, I like that.

6. What was your favourite project? 

A star observatory in Hofheim-Langenheim, a volunteer project. Together with a friend I published a project brochure and collected money for the construction from sponsors. The observatory is now almost 20 years old. It does not always have to be the stylish residential complex.

7. What upcoming projects by Görg Architekten can we look forward to?

We are currently planning a project in Königstein, a single-family house. The house will be situated higher up, like an eagle's nest with a clear view as far as the Taunus Mountains. We are lucky that the horizon can be seen on all levels of the house. This makes the depth of the room even more apparent.


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