6 quick ones with Marie Olsson Nylander

6 quick ones with Marie Olsson Nylander

6 quick ones with Marie Olsson Nylander

Marie Olsson Nylander is a swedish interior stylist more sparkling, groovy and eclectic than no other. The pure and clean Scandi Style is not her cup of tea. She decorated one of our apartments for sale recently and we asked her The 6 quick ones:


Please define your style?

It´s a mix between antiques, vintage and brand new sparkling things. I mix all cultures and religions. Some would say it´s eclectic style, I just say it is my style. 


What trends do you see in interior design and styling?

In general we want to buy things that last longer. And we are more aware of what we buy, if something is really cheap, we nowadays think twice. We have had some “Ikea” generations, but I guess this is up to an end if this big actors don’t change their policy and mind. We want to buy unique stuff but we still look at the neighbour. Buying vintage is cool! 20 years ago or even 5 years ago it wasn’t. But vintage is the new. That what it is, and it´s here to stay. 


What does your dream home look like?

Pretty much like our Palazzo in Sicily. Heigh ceilings, great thick walls, old floors - wooden or tiles. It´s a Palazzo from the 17th century which been abandoned for 70 years. We started to restore it 1,5 years ago. And we have plenty to do for some years now.


Typical client you work with?

Often private persons who want to improve, not move. I do mostly larger projects like whole houses, inside and outside interior. I am not that good at and not so found of smaller projects. I also do offices, restaurants etc. 


Your piece of furniture you take with you on every move?

Our ABC cupboard that me and my husband bought on our honeymoon in London. It´s a cupboard from a swing hall in Avignon 1920, it’s been with us in 4 houses so far. 


At last - how do I fresh up my living room with only a few movements?

Change pillows if you have pillows. Fabrics need to be changed - no one gets happy watching a tired blanket. Curtains is a total changer. Put them in the roof and they seem invisible. If you have pots/flowers etc - change, rearrange. Buy a large tree and maybe bring smaller plants to other rooms or give them away. Lights.. do you have enough lamps? Invest in lamps that last. Don’t buy all of them in warehouses, buy unique ones instead. With this the whole room will feel more personal. Promise!