6 QUICK WITH Mar plus Ask

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6 QUICK WITH Mar plus Ask

We are almost lacking words to describe wonderful Mar plus AskWe rarely have such an admiration for someone, especially architects; however these two leave us speechless over and over again. From turning an old Schlecker into this beauty in Berlin Kreuzberg, designing the Olive Houses up in the mountains of Tramuntana on Mallorca - making it all the way into New York Times (and probably being the most shared interior in 2020) each project adding a layer of visionary brilliance. Mar plus Ask succeed to see the building or space as a whole, but never keep any single detail out of their sight. This is what makes them two of the most talented architects of our time. 

We stole some moments of their precious time and asked our 6 quick questions. Enjoy!


Fantastic Frank: Please define your style (of working)!

Ask Anker Aistrup: Like in any other thing in life, everybody is colored by their experiences, but we try to be very carefully to put ourselves in the background and learn and listen before we start talking. The merging of our Spanish and Danish values comes from appreciating each other’s cultural heritages and mostly refers to a way of working rather than a specific style. We try to take the best from both cultures; the Scandinavian countries (me) have a historically very good, but sometimes strict, way of organizing and structuring themselves 

Mar Vicens: The Mediterraneans (me), on the other hand value highly the importance of bringing joy into work. A mixture of the two seems a very balanced approach to life and work we feel. Style, trends and so on is not something we like to associate with; we try to answer each new project with a completely new set of eyes.


FF: Your dream property/interior to build or design? Or maybe you already did?

Mar: Good question. If there's anybody out there with a project in Bali we're increasingly curious about working in this part of the world! 

Ask: In general, we like challenges and learning through our work so a dream project would probably be one where we can be pushed slightly out of our comfort zone. A client you can connect with is also of immense importance. 


FF: Your current favorite restaurant on Mallorca? Or any other hint you might wanna share with us?

Mar & Ask: We love Es Taller in Valldemossa. They make delicious very fresh food using vegetables from their own garden. It's hard to give out secrets from the island but we'll give you one more: Visit the studios of artists Adriana Meunié and Jaume Roig to see pure, honest and beautiful local art. 


FF: Your favorite app!

Mar: Whatsapp. Apart from keeping in touch with friends it has become a super good tool to communicate with the different agents on a construction site.

Ask: Unoriginally... Instagram! It's a great platform for us to show our work and discover other's.


FF: Your favorite building in Europe!

Ask: Hmm.. favorite building .. there’s no such thing for me - like music has its days, so does buildings. But I can mention some architects that I look up to, Peter Zumthor for his approach and understanding of materials, light and construction. David Chipperfield for his straightforwardness and seemingly simplicity and John Pawson for his lifetime service in reducing clutter in architecture.

Mar: First thing that comes to mind, because it's so unique, is La Fabrica by Ricardo Bofill, a repurposed cement factory turned into their office and home. 


FF: Your one piece of furniture you take with you on every move?

Ask: I have a lot of great danish classics that belonged to my father. He was an architect and a carpenter and had an amazing taste in furniture. He also designed some pieces like a beautiful shelving system that has probably lived in more than 20 homes at this point.   

Mar: We live together so I'm very lucky to enjoy these beautiful furniture pieces. Ask brings the amazing furniture and I bring sticks, stones and fossils I find.


Converted drug store in Berlin Kreuzberg:

More images here: www.fantasticfrank.de/Glogauer-strasse-4

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Olive Houses in the Tramuntana on Mallorca:

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Mar plus Ask's studio in Valencia:

fantastic frank real estate berlin


Glogauer Straße & Olive Houses: Piet Albers Goethals 
Office Valencia: cesar bejar studio