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OBJEKTE UNSERER TAGE is a furniture studio run by Christoph Steiger, David Spinner und Reinhard Wessling. They stand for contemporary living and traditional craftsmanship – values that are portrayed through expressive and colourful furniture pieces. Berlin is not only their home, but also an important inspiration for design. We stole some moments of their precious time and asked our famous 6. Enjoy!

Please define your style (of working)!
A design brand is often expected to follow a strict line to which everyone and everything is brutally subjective. That’s not who we are. We are a very diverse team with very different philosophies of life. We’re passionately open for new things. We work freely and give each other space to create, what feels right. The result is an eclectic, colorful and vibrant collection. Without forcing it, a common thread emerged, that holds everything together: Our home, the city of Berlin. The city has a major impact on our lives and our design.

Your dream interior to furnish? Or maybe you already did?
We feel very honored and it is a huge dream that has come true for us, that we were commissioned to contribute to some German embassies abroad with our fair and sustainably produced objects. It's a cool thought to imagine diplomats drinking tea and chatting on our sofa in Tokyo. Another project we were passionate about recently is the renovation of the museum cafe of Berlinische Galerie, Café DIX, where you’ll spot our designs. But honestly, we have a small hype each time clients send us photos of their freshly delivered furniture and to see it in their homes coming to life and bringing some joy! Do send us photos, we love it! :)

Isländische Strasse-118

Your current tip to survive a weekend in Berlin?
Pack your inflatable boat and head to the Landwehr Canal here in Kreuzberg. A few drinks in the ice box and off you go. People watching at its best, on the river and around. Play some music, get tipsy, it’s a good time to be alive.

Your favorite app!
It’s not new, but great fun anyhow: Co-Star! Every day you get some cosmic tips and do’s and don’ts. It’s like eating fortune cookies nonstop but without the calories. :)

Your favorite building in Europe!
There are too many…Mäusebunker is one of our favorites in Berlin. Such buildings and public places are rarely approved anymore, too unconventional, too brutal. The attitude of brutalism inspired our X-Chair. It’s monumental.

berliner allee raw-109

Your one piece of furniture you take with you on every move?
We still have the first prototypes of each of our furniture objects and we will probably keep them forever :). The very first!…David has the Neumann Side Table from his days in University, Christoph has the first Meyer Table and still enjoys Brotzeit there and Reinhard got the Friedrich Mirror in luminous red.




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