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Fantastic Frank is a real estate agency franchise operating in Sweden, Germany, Italy and Spain. Flawless service, carefully curated properties and a passion for aesthetics, sets us apart. Our focus on design and visual communication has shaken up a conservative industry. This vision has made us one of the world’s most well-known real estate brands. Fantastic Frank Real Estate was founded 2010 in Stockholm.

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Fantastic Frank is a traditional real estate agent with a modern twist. Reliance and service are the core for both sellers and buyers. Focus on the visual, marketing and a clearer expression is what distinguishes us.  We believe in finding the right buyers for the properties we sell. We regard every property a brand of its own, analyzing its characteristics and potential, visualizing and packaging them to attract the right audience and the final buyer.  Our model is based on collaboration between brokers, interior designer and photographer. They evaluate the home and create a strategy to convey both materially and visually. Fantastic Frank is a brokerage firm for a visual age. We work with photographers and interior designers in fashion, advertising and architecture to create the inspiring and beautiful images that magazines give us. With these images as tools, our skilled brokers builds a case for the best possible deal.



Marketing - By our own digital marketing platform we multiply the exposure of your house ad, compared with the traditional real estate marketing sites. Essential for the highest sales prices. 

Brokers - Our brokers are skilled , experienced and have the winning instinct that you want. They have come to us to get the best conditions for their craft. 

Photographers - We work with photographers in fashion, advertising and architecture. Their ability to create images that communicate, inspire and engage is crucial to attract the right buyers.

Interior Designers - Our interior designers are among the best in architecture, advertising and fashion. Together with the photographer they create just the right magic that the market is looking for.