Who are Ninos and Kalle?


Who are Ninos and Kalle?

Want to know the story behind Fantastic Frank Palma and how it all started? They share all their future dreams, what they're most proud of and their finest Mallorca gems. And of course what's poppin in their office right now.


Who and how are you?

Kalle A traveler and adventurer always on the lookout for new experiences. I love the city buzz and everything it has to offer but I feed off nature, climbing a mountain, pushing myself on a hilly cycle run or discovering an unspoilt beach gives me energy and happiness. Mallorca is the perfect spot for me. My pleasures are simple, I find luxury in thoughtful design and well carried out craftsmanship.

Ninos I´m a happy guy who´s living my dream in Spain. I’ve started several restaurants in Sweden with many hours of work behind. It paid off and after a time I’d set higher goals for my self by moving to Spain, to find a more peaceful life with my family. I love playing golf, taking a walk in the mountains or just lay on the beach with my family. So yes, I´m very happy in life now.


How did your journey with Fantastic Frank start?

Kalle I was looking to step up my game and a new platform for it. With a previous history in real estate on Mallorca me and my business partner Ninos saw that Fantastic Frank was delivering exactly what we were missing on Mallorca. It has been a success from the first day we opened up and we get so much positive feedback from clients and also competitors. We are thrilled and so happy to represent Fantastic Frank. 

Ninos It actually started quite funny. We were sitting one day having a lunch break and almost at the same time, we said to each other ”WHY don’t we open a real estate agency?” Kalle told me that he´s been looking at this real estate brand Fantastic Frank, looking quite cool and different from the other brokers. I checked it out of course. 2 months later I´m in Stockholm for a wedding and wrote an email to Tomas Backman asking him if they would be interested in a meeting and hear more about our plans. 10-15 minutes later I had a response saying ”We would really like to meet you”. The rest is history.


What´s up right now?

Kalle and Ninos Right now we are listing a beautiful townhouse in the village of Esporles and soon we will take on an amazing one-off property in the valley of Soller. 




Fantastic Frank Palma - What are you most proud of?

Kalle Having this fantastic team of professionals to work with. Brokers, photographers and interior stylists doing what they know best and love to do. Also very proud of everything we have achieved so far, all the happy clients we´ve helped. And our office, how nice it is - just love coming in here every day.

Ninos I´m so happy we took that step because Fantastic Frank is growing each year and the owners are amazing people to have around and to work with. We´ve received so much good feedback from people in the business and from buyers and sellers. They really love the work we do for them.


What's the next step?

Kalle and Ninos Next step is to keep striving to deliver above expectations, to learn and grow. When the right moment is coming we want to open more offices and take Fantastic Frank to more cities. That would ad another dimension of real estate for us.


Your Mallorca favourites?

Kalle Enjoying a red-shrimp paella at Rosa del Mar in the small port of Can Barbera or a laid back dinner in the lush gardens of Can Bordoy. Shopping fresh products at one of the bustling markets like the one in the village of Santa Maria del Cami or a Sunday stroll along the seafront in Portixol finishing off with a Vermouth at Vermuteria la Gloria. All year around there is something happening in Palma which makes it an exciting city to live in. My absolute Palma favourite though is that it is so close to the rest of the island.

Ninos I love the whole Island! Summer time I often bring my family to Playa Muro and spend all day on the beach and at the end of the day we're having a great meal right on the beach. I have also met fantastic people in my work and lots of them have become really good friends. We often go to the golf course together which brings me a lot of joy and I love it.