Roberta Borrelli


Roberta Borrelli

For today’s interview, we host Roberta Borrelli architect and founder of MAKE YOUR HOME Studio in Milan. Her work is characterised by clean lines and a strong stylistic influence that comes from northern Europe. 




Why did you became an architect?

As a teenager I dreamed of "making houses", I liked the idea that when I grew up my job will be creative, choosing to study architecture meant following my dreams as a child. Today I look at my life through the magnifier of my greatest passion: interior design

How do you think your childhood influences your design thinking?

My design path was particularly influenced by a city where I arrived by chance at the age of sixteen - Berlin but not only the city remained in my heart also the design of apartments, so different from the Italian style. 

Is there a person in the industry who you particularly admire?

I like to reread the history of Italian design and particularity I admire Gio Ponti's genius and his reflections "on the inhabitant", as someone who interacts with space and continually renews it. If I have to think of anyone, today it is still northern Europe that influences me with the Norm Architects.




Your favourite place to be in Milan in this period of lockdowns?

Certainly, my home was my refuge, I would not have wanted to spend the lockdown elsewhere. But I miss museums, the Triennale of Milan is the first place I would like to return to. 

What are you currently reading?

Several international print magazines, I feel the need to go beyond digital, browse and focus on the creation of slower content.





Tell us about your own apartment.

It is a small Nordic style loft. 38 m2 with very organised neutral tones and a minimalist style. I like having a few things around and that makes me happy. It is also the space in which I have worked in the last year so if you look around you will also find my materials and my drawings.

Do you have something in your home that has significant value to you?

No, I don't particularly value things, rather memories. I think this is what characterises those who decide to have a minimalist approach to life as well as to the home. Being able to do without everything you have is a great achievement.

How do you see the future living space in Milan?

The city is built on very small spaces (the classic Milanese two-room apartment) I think this will hardly change even if there is a great desire for villas in the city. Perhaps what will determine the living space differently are new furniture designed to be able to perform different functions even in small spaces.

What apps do you like to use?

Certainly Instagram, my favourite social network, Canva for immediate graphics and Unum for my social plan.

Where do you go to escape?

Wherever there is design.