Meet our new colleague

Stefan Gensicke

Meet our new colleague

This is an article from the Berlin office about our new colleague Stefan who joined our team this year.

Hi stefan, most welcome to Fantastic Frank. What made you come to us?

The special appearance and the high-quality presentation of homes has called my attention to Fantastic Frank. Fantastic Frank really challenge most of the Berliner brokerage firms with their creativity and high-quality-work and that finally convinced me because it shows new opportunities to work with in the field of real estate marketing.


Tell us your story!

I always had an interest in working with real estates and am an educationed painter. 12 years ago I changed my view from painting and working in houses to acquire, prepare, develop and sell properties. The acquisition and evaluation part I then learned from scratch in a traditional Berlin broker firm. Four years ago I also successfully completed a training course with certificate by the Chamber of Crafts for the appraisement of developed and undeveloped land and buildings.


What will you do at Fantastic Frank?

I am responsible for the acquisition of flats and residential properties. My work challenge is to get interesting new items from private owners, developers and construction companies for sale. I also take care of customers and the linking with partners in the real estate industry and the positioning of Fantastic Frank on Berlin's real estate market are among my tasks as well. In addition to the classical one-time sellers I am interested in building up long-termed, result-oriented partnerships that enable Fantastic Frank a solid standing on the market.


What do you think will happen at Fantastic Frank in the coming year?

In Berlin we want to show that Fantastic Frank can do more then (selling) the classical real estate. We can style and uplift every property with our photographs and interieur designers and sell them with our brokers! Additional to our sales of flats and penthouses we will create and sell living space in and for attic blanks, townhouses and apartment buildings.

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