A Living Room – an Art & Design Exhibition by Ignant x Fantastic Frank


A Living Room – an Art & Design Exhibition by Ignant x Fantastic Frank

This is a blogpost from the Berlinoffice about the exhibition we did toghether with iGnant.

For the last couple of weeks we have been working on an art and design exhibition together with the Berlin-based blog iGNANT – the result: A Living Room. Together we created a Fantastic Frank apartment in our Berlin office and filled it with design furniture by local interior designers such as Geckeler Michels, LLOT LLOVARTEKNEW TENDENCY & Sigurd Larsen, while exhibiting hand-picked photographers from iGNANT’s weekly Flickr Friday activity.

Thursday night last week we opened the doors to celebrate the fusion of art & design in a vivid Berlin Living Room atmosphere. To eclectic electronic tunes, we enjoyed musty sweet cocktails, pale blue thistles with minimalistic design and poignant art. The exhibition was styled by our stylist Sarah van Peteghem & documented by Ana Santl from iGNANT.

The photography exhibition will be up until January 15. More info about the photographers & exhibition here or via caro@ignant.com.

A big thank you to our collaboration partners Belsazar, Bloomy Days, Gerolsteiner, Heineken for a great event.


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