Let us present Vito Corvasce - our new italian photographer

Let us present Vito Corvasce - our new italian photographer

Let us present Vito Corvasce - our new italian photographer

At Fantastic Frank we are so curious to know more about our photographers och interior stylists worklifes which made us decide to relaunch the serie Meet the Creative. Let us present our newest talent: Vito Corvasce

He was from an early stage passionate about the world of photography which made him to leave his hometown for Milan. Since, he´s been working for the italian magazines Progetti and Archifood and has made several editorial projects, from architecture and design to food and travel. He says he is a storyteller and a passionate lover of the world around him - his images feel simple and natural and they make one to stop. Vito has a clear language which breathes pure architecture and modernism. We are very happy for this interview with him and looking forward to see more of his future work at Fantastic Frank.



With your own words, who are you?

In short, I define myself a storyteller, I like to create and tell stories, but not with words, but through images, this fascinates me a lot.

What was the start point of your career?

I'm started from nothing, as a teenager i went to my father's company, was in the field of art and digital printing, i realized that i was a world that fascinated me, then i had an experience in a communication agency, where i have learned graphics and photography techniques, so in a sense i'm self-taught, but in any case i have always been fascinated in the world of interiors and architecture.

Where do you find inspiration?

The inspiration I find, it´s simply from what surronds me, nature, architecture, music, the difference is made in seeing things differently.


Your own favourite image and why?

This is a question quite difficult to answer because I`m very fond of several of my images.

What makes you press the button?

Surely the desire to show my photography and the desire to receive gratifications, give me the urge to move forward and understand that I'm going in the right direction, aiming for new goals.

The postproduction - how important is that really?

It's very important, a good percentage to make a great shot, even if I'm not a lover of the photoshop, in the sense that I don't like fake and artificial picture.

When do you lie?

I never lie.

What stuff do you throw out that has passed the best before date?

Today we live in a world where everything runs fast and we do not have time to stop on things, a world that is based on image and advertising and many times we do not choose things based on what we feel attraction to, but many times just because it's trendy.

Do you live as you preach?

I try to be consistent with my choises and my goals.

What are your thoughts on trends in the industry?

I do not like following trends, because it means creating something already existing, so you risk copying, but the target of an artist, in general, is to create trends, one can make the difference.

Dream project?

My dream project in my life is to make exhibitions and work in all the world, this is my objective.




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