Färg & Blanche - shop our favourite pieces

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Färg & Blanche - shop our favourite pieces

This is an early release of our web shop - temporarily restricted to the Stockholm office. The Berlin office will have to wait until early next year.. Contrary to many, we only showcase the limited editions, the odd pieces and design beyond the big furniture stores. The shop is growing with one new brand every month

Färg & Blanches´ Emma and Fredrik form an incredible duo, an unmistakable character steams from everything they do. We met them for an interview of 9 tricky questions.

Click on the images to shop your favourite pieces (the amazing porcelain will be added soon)

Farg&Blanche_1 Fantastic Frank Real Estate Guest Design

Farg&Blanche plates and mirror Fantastic Frank Real Estate Guest

Farg&Blanche_table wear Fantastic Frank Real Estate Guest

Farg&Blanche_pottery Fantastic Frank Real Estate Guest

Farg&Blanche Re Cover chair Fantastic Frank Real Estate Guest_20

Farg&Blanche stool Fantastic Frank Real Estate Guest


Färg & Blanche

Stockholm based design studio FÄRG & BLANCHE was founded in 2010 by the Swedish designer Fredrik Färg and designer Emma Marga Blanche, born in France. As a studio, they work across a wide variety of fields, collaborating with established furniture brands such as BD Barcelona Design, Gärsnäs, Petite Friture and Design House Stockholm to name a few, as well as producing their own collections and limited art pieces for galleries. Known for their experimental stance, where each expression informs the other, they effortlessly move between the exclusive hand made one off and the industrially produced, without ever losing their distinctive touch.