Armadillo - Interview


Armadillo - Interview

Armadillo interviewed our Chief Stylist Sofie Ganeva. Read the entire article here:

From Armadillo:

"Since its inception in 2010, Stockholm-based real estate agency Fantastic Frank has been at the vanguard of a quiet revolution. Instead of marketing a property for mass appeal, they create beautiful editorial-style images that they know one person will absolutely fall in love with. Their theory is that good design evokes an emotional connection to a space that loosens purse strings more easily than cold-blooded business strategies – after all, a home can only ever have one owner.

As Chief Stylist, Sofie Ganeva has been at the centre of this unique approach to selling houses. Working with a talented roster of brokers, interior designers, art directors and photographers across Fantastic Frank’s offices in Sweden and Germany, she has helped match many a prospective owner with their perfect home. We caught up with Sofie to chat about her unconventional styling career, the creative process behind her most recent project and why the world can’t get enough of Scandinavian style."

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