Architectural gem for sale


Architectural gem for sale

A couple of weeks ago we shot this architectural masterpiece outside Gustavsberg where the Stockholm archipelago is starting to spread out. The facade is unique, made out of larch wood ageing beautifully and naturally. The villa is built on iron poles - almost floating among the old oaks - with only nature itself as the closest neighbour. The idea was to build a house with as little impact as possible and let it become an integrated part of the natural surroundings. Vasco Trigueiros, the architect behind this project, has created a perfect plan of the 160 squaremetres divided into two sections. One private with three bedrooms, bath room and a lot of smart and hidden built-in storage solutions, and the other which is an open social space with massive glass door to the generous terrace. Read more at Betsedevägen 37

Our creative team spent a full day in this house for the shooting and it was a great joy to inspect all the interior details and choices of materials, all in a beautiful harmony. Very tastefully done indeed.

Betsedevägen arkitekt
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