Fantastic Frank interview WITH WOLFRAM PUTZ FROM GRAFT


From the internationally renowned architecture firm GRAFT, also known as the “pop stars of architecture,” we interviewed Wolfram Putz. He went into detail about his love of mountains and how it has greatly influenced his career as an architect. Not to mention, he also shared the best place in Brandenburg to order boar soup.

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Fantastic Frank: Please define your style (of working)!

Wolfram Putz: My style of working is 24 hours. Dynamic minimalism with a smile.


FF: Your dream property to build? Or maybe you already did?

Wolfram: I have two. The one for myself would be a mountain hut in Austria. 2.000 meters high upwith a great view towards the South and seeing all the way to the border of Italy. It would preferably be an old existing house where I would add a new one to it.

If hired as an architect, I would love to build aparliament building for a new democracy. That would be wonderful, to be commissioned to build ahouse for a totally new democracy. This replaces, in my opinion, the desire to build churches informer times. Our modern church is nowadays the parliament.


FF: Your current favorite restaurant in Berlin or Brandenburg?

Wolfram: The Grill. I love to eat meat. In Brandenburg I would say my own barbecue in front of a tent. Also I can recommend another really nice place in Brandenburg, a so called Waldhütte, Waldschenke am Baa-See. Very much "am Arsch der Welt“ and such a tasty boar soup. 


FF: Your favorite app!

Wolfram: Bergfex.


FF: Your favorite building in Europe!

Wolfram: Well, that' s tough. I got three. They are all about my love to the mountains. Firstly Burg Eltz - a mountain as a house, secondly the pilgrimage church Neviges from Gofftried Böhm - a house as a mountain (Béton brut par excellence) and last but. Not least of course always the next upcoming project by Graft.


FF: Your one piece of furniture you take with you on every move?

Wolfram: My dining table. I am a table guy. I don’t need couch tables but dining tables. Big ones out of wood. My favorite one is out of walnut. Customized, self-designed and built by me.


FFThanks for your precious time dear Wolfram, hope to talk to you soon again!!

Wolfram: The pleasure was all mine.


Check out more about GRAFT here and of course also one of their recent projects where we are selling an apartment right now.  


Photograhpy by

Pablo Castagnola 

Trockland GmbH

Bttr GmbH 

Tobias Hein

Fantastic frank real estate GRAFT_OldMillHotel_(c)TobiasHein_(02)

Fantastic frank real estate GRAFT_OldMillHotel_(c)TobiasHein_(02)

Fantastic frank real estate GRAFT_OldMillHotel_(c)TobiasHein_(02)