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Sylvia Schlieder is the founder and owner of Schlieder Contemporary in Frankfurt. We collaborated with her for our sales of famous Hundertwasser House..


FF: In your work you combine art with design classics - why?

S: Furniture and art are wonderful to combine, if one balances the interaction of "loud" and "quiet". A marshmallow sofa e.g. is already a statement in itself and needs an artistic calm on the wall. I like to combine a vibrant picture or a sculpture in a room with plain-colored furniture to keep its balance.

FF: What should you pay particular attention to when buying a piece of art?

S: Important is that the artwork triggers something in one - art is emotional and the decision must be made from the gut. My recommendation is to visit galleries, art academies and art fairs on a regular basis and to sharpen the eye - this gives you a good overview of current trends and you will quickly find out what appeals to you.

FF: Your current favorite artists? 

S: John Franzen, René Galassi, Peer Kriesel, Ralph Kerstner, Hilde Trip.

FF: What makes good art?

S: That it is authentic and its craftsmanship of high quality.

FF: In which restaurant can you find the coolest / most ambitious art in Frankfurt?

S: I find the Tor Dining Pop Up Restaurant in the Tor Art Space, where young art students get an exhibition platform, very exciting.

FF: Best museum of the city?

S: My heart beats for the Städel - walking through the centuries of fantastic art to my contemporaries is always a highlight for me. Special tip: the prints collection - here you can examine by prior notification originals that are otherwise for conservation reasons in the depot.

FF: Artificial is for you …?

S: Not to be yourself.


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Sylvia Schlieder www.schliedercontemporary.com


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