3 Quick Ones with the architect Frank Crecelius

Fantastic Frank architect Frank Crecelius

3 Quick Ones with the architect Frank Crecelius

Postmodern architecture, which combines wide spaces with a modern formal language, characterizes the works of Frank Crecelius. He has pulled out all the stops for his house, Villa Wingerten, which is now newly listed with Fantastic Frank.  



Villa Wingerten 

Crecelius Architekten.


1. How did you hear about Fantastic Frank and what convinced you to work with us?

I came across Fantastic Frank Frankfurt online and was immediately impressed by the clear, stylish appearance of the brand. In an initial conversation with Valerie Schroeter, it immediately became clear that we speak a common language and have the same idea of architecture & design. This makes many things easier to work with. This was the basis for giving Fantastic Frank Frankfurt the mandate to sell our property. I am absolutely thrilled with the result of the highly professional shooting! I see Fantastic Frank as a real estate gallery that presents each of your properties in the portfolio in the best possible way and stages them as "works of art".


2. Do you have role models who influence you in your work?

The architectural language of Crecelius Architekten is influenced by Bauhaus and modernism. Clarity, functionality and efficiency, straight lines, but also curved forms determine the aesthetics. The play with different levels and heights of rooms creates a special spatial experience and underlines the feeling of freedom and openness. Color is deliberately used as an emotional component of architecture and lends attractive accents to the overall structural statement. Old and new are harmoniously combined in the sensitive renovation of existing properties.


3. Your dream project?

To create a private refuge for my wife and me. A place of retreat that becomes the center of our work with a lot of passion and creativity. It is important to us that the property convinces through its exposed location with a wide view of the surrounding countryside. For us, a visual connection to the outside is an essential element to connect the inside with the outside and thus create a relationship to nature and the seasons.


The most important thing when building a house is...

...to appeal to all senses.