Willem Kinkenberg
Real Estate Agent

Willem Klinkenberg

What drives you in your work?

I know for sure that I was born for this work. I get a lot of energy from helping people. Lucky me, I get to do just so every day!

What is something that people can wake you up for at night?

Just wake me up for a good conversation, I'm always up for that.

Why do you work here and not somewhere else?

Because I work with a very nice and professional group of people. Moreover, we are always there for our clients: by listening attentively, we know exactly what they need and can help them accordingly.

What do you think is the most special building in Amsterdam?

On the Achtergracht there are thirteen warehouses in a row, all leaning slightly forward. They are named after the months of the year - hence they are called the "Calendar Warehouses. We used to live across from April, the month in which I was born.

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