Mick Lens
Real Estate Agent

Mick Lens

What drives you in your work?

Closing a good deal in this competitive market: that feeling is unmatched. Additionally, in this job, I make customers happy every day by relieving them of worries during the entire buying or selling process.

What is something that people can wake you up for at night?

Nothing really, let me sleep well ;-)

Why do you work here and not somewhere else?

Because my sister has been at the helm of this company for years, I was lucky enough to get on board at a young age. Since then we have grown tremendously - personally, but also as an organization. That I get to do this together with my sister really feels like the jackpot. On to a fantastic future!

What do you think is the most special building in Amsterdam?

I am a big fan of the Hermitage - now the H'ART Museum. A colossal building on the Amstel with an interesting history. I see it every day from our office on the Nieuwe Herengracht. Besides, the building has a beautiful courtyard garden where it's great to hang out in the summer.

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