Erik Scarcia
Strategy & Process

Erik Scarcia

What drives you in your work?

I want to show how things could be done better. We are a professional team and constantly take into account everyone & everything involved. We really add something instead of taking something away - that's what we stand for at Fantastic Frank Amsterdam.

What is something that people can wake you up for at night?

Not for what, but with what: un espresso doppio, per favore!

Why do you work here and not somewhere else?

Because for now, this is the only real estate agency that really understands ‘it’.

What do you think is the most extraordinary building in Amsterdam?

The elegant Hirsch building, which opened in 1912, was a fashion house for a long time. The building stands pontifically on the corner of Leidseplein and Kleine-Gartmanplantsoen. It is actually very un-Amsterdam - and therefore so special!

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