The Story of Fantastic Frank

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About us

Founded in Stockholm 2010 Fantastic Frank have franchise offices in exciting cities across Europe and US. We are an international real estate chain handling transactions, customers and marketing all over the world.

PROPERTY SALES WITH A MOTTO Our property sales are driven by our motto Inspire to Buy. The interior-design-magazine focus on sales has made us one of the world’s most well-known real estate brands. The sales model is based on collaboration between brokers, interior designer and photographer. The visual focus and his quality brokerage service distinguishes us from the rest.

ETHOS Our Scandinavian heritage is strong throughout all that we do, from inspiration to business. Availability, Quality and Inspiration are at the core of our business and brand values.

WHO IS FRANK On the question Who is Frank we like to answer You are fantastic. We are Frank.

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Our franchise offer

Every day people are contacting us wanting to sell their apartment or house with Fantastic Frank. They see our marketing and our way of doing business and in this, they recognize themselves more with us, than with our competitors that are stuck in old habits. Our model is great for our customers and our brokers. Now we are opening up for new franchisees to run their own Fantastic Frank office. The coming years we will open successful franchise offices in exciting cities in Europe, cities with high demand and growth where we can make a difference.


MORE THAN TWELVE YEARS OF POSITIVE REPUTATION. Press from all over the world give our clients trust when they do their research. In fact we are one of the most talked about brands in the real estate business. This gives leads and make you win leads more often!

MARKETING PRESENCE AND MODEL. Research shows that creating an emotional bond speeds up the decision-making process in a purchase. We influence the rational buying process and get the buyer to feel something extra for the property. We work with all media channels in a structured and winning way.

CROSS SALES MODEL. Referrals between offices and a model built on the use of same practices between all offices regulated in our franchise manual.

INTERNATIONAL NETWORK OF CLIENTS. Thanks to our unique marketing model, our sales create a buzz and awareness of Fantastic Frank far beyond the usual marketing channels.

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The history of Fantastic Frank

PROLOGUE With the internet revolution, digital marketing in general quickly developed a dependence on media rich content. The real estate business transformed to the internet slowly in the first years of 2000.

POINT OF DEPARTURE By 2010 the real estate business wasn’t on-line. The digital images and marketing were all degrees lower than other advertising. The typical real estate ad on the internet in Stockholm, Sweden 2010 sported a dozen wide angle images, shot with a bright flash either by a ”professional real estate photographer” or by the agent her/himself. Followed up by big words in an extremely selling text based primarily on square meters, address and price.

A NOVEL APPROACH Fantastic Frank was founded 2010, rooted in a sort of frustration of the underdeveloped real estate business. No other business sells a million euro property without a marketing strategy. A marketing strategy for a real estate sale, in Fantastic Franks model, produces photographs of the real estate that communicates with the target audience, the intended buyer. To achieve this Fantastic Frank did a cross breed of interior design magazines and real estate business. The result was immediate with worldwide recognition already during the first year, besides mentions in most newspapers in Sweden and the west countries in Europe big articles was published by Wallpaper* Magazine, Fast Company, Elle Decoration, Expressen, Herald Tribune and MorgonPosten.

AN ESTABLISHED BRAND The first years Fantastic Frank developed the concept and brand. We opened three offices and collaborated with influential brands and people to strengthen the brand. In late 2017 Kinfolk lists the founders of Fantastic Frank among 40 entrepreneurs worldwide that has transformed and inspired their respective business. In 2020, ten years after Fantastic Frank was launched, the real estate branch in norther Europe has taken a huge step forward. A few local agencies in other countries has taken the concept of Fantastic Frank to their heart and made improvements in their local market. Fantastic Frank is now established in five European countries, in the US and UEA and the journey has just begun.


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