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Ibiza is a unique, beautiful and relaxed island, and we only sell properties here that we really love. Our properties are of a high standard which means charming restorations but also fully completed renovations where details have been chosen with extra care. We work closely with our customers and believe in a heartfelt collaboration. This, together with a large network of contacts on the island and a portfolio of interesting properties allows us to also specialize as a buying agent.

Our team of talented and experienced brokers, photographers and interior stylists are handpicked. Fantastic Frank reaches clients all over the world and we have many offices in Europe and across the US.

Come by our office in the village of Santa Gertrudis, or call / email us at +34 64 68 34 035 (Jason) / +34 60 800 16 07 (Izabela) or We are always here for you.


Fantastic Frank is a modern real estate brokerage agency that operates in multiple countries including Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Dubai, and the US. It was established in Stockholm in 2010. What distinguishes Fantastic Frank and disrupts the conventional real estate sector is our focus on aesthetics and thoughtfully selected properties.

Reliability and service are highly valued by both sellers and buyers. Our unique selling point lies in our commitment to visual appeal, marketing, and brand identity.

We strive to find the perfect buyers for the properties we sell. Each property is treated as a unique brand, meticulously analyzed for its distinctive features and potential. We then present and package these properties in a way that attracts the right audience and ultimately secures the ideal buyer.

Our approach involves collaboration among brokers, interior designers, and photographers. They assess the property and devise a strategy to effectively showcase its qualities both visually and materially. Armed with these compelling visuals, our skilled brokers negotiate for the best possible deal.

In summary, Fantastic Frank's innovative approach has transformed the conservative real estate industry, positioning us as a brokerage agency for the visual age.


Brokers - Our brokers are skilled, experienced and have the winning instinct that you want. They have come to us to get the best conditions for their craft.

Marketing - By our own digital marketing platform we multiply the exposure of your house compared with the traditional real estate marketing sites. Essential for the highest sales prices.

Photographers - We work with photographers in fashion, advertising, and architecture. Their ability to create images that communicate, inspire and engage is crucial to attracting the right buyers.

Interior Designers - Our interior designers are among the best in architecture, advertising, and fashion. Together with the photographer, they create just the right magic that the market is looking for.

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Are you selling your property? On Ibiza we can offer the most competitive sales and marketing package in the business. We have local offices in Palma, Barcelona, Marbella, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Dubai and also in the US - Denver, that we work tightly to find your buyer through smart marketing and with many agents with client registers. Our team of photographers and stylist puts in a great effort to make your home reach its full potential. We bet that our marketing and sales tactics are so much better you don’t need another agent.

Come by our office in the village of Santa Gertrudis, or call / email us at +34 64 68 34 035 (Jason) / +34 60 800 16 07 (Izabela) or We assist you in a moment.

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