Cookies are a small text file stored on your computer. On the Fantastic Frank website (Site) cookies are used to facilitate navigation and to understand how the Site is used. The information is not stored in any way and it contains either personal information, e-mail address or anything that can be linked to you as a person.



Cookies are small data files sent from the server to your browser. They are saved in the browser's cache and allow a webpage or third party to recognize your browser. There are three different types of cookies in use.

  • Session cookies that are specific to each visit to a Site and keep information about which pages you visit. Session cookies cease and disappear a short time after you leave the site or shut down the browser.
  • Persistent cookies remember certain specific information about recurring visitors and are stored in the browser / mobile browser cache until manually deleted.
  • Third-party cookies are placed by someone other than Fantastic Frank and can capture browser activity across different Sites and across multiple sessions. Typically Google Analytics or similar.

Cookies save data on how to use the Site and help Fantastic Frank understand how to better present the Site to our users. You can set up (in the browser) if you do not want to receive cookies.


Other technologies

  • Web beacon. Are small graphics images, often called pixels, with a unique identifier used to understand (analyze) web activity, improve site features and used by us to build audiences to customize your customer experience. Unlike cookies, Web Beacon is not saved to the hard disk without rendered invisible. Fantastic Frank does not have access to customer data / third party data / IP number stored. For example, Fantastic Frank uses Google Analytics whose data is stored for 2 years and Facebook pixels are saved for 1 year.
  • Social widgets. These are small buttons or icons provided by a third party social media company that can allow you to interact with these social media applications when you visit the site. These social widgets can collect browser data received by third parties that provide the widget.
  • UTM codes. These are strings that may be in the URL, which is the https address you entered to access the site. This UTM code inside

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