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Back in the 90s, one of our personal key experiences was BOLLES+WILSON's library in Münster. The interplay of the sculptural forms in the outdoor area with their linear arrangement is a pleasure for the passer-by. The interior spaces with their pleasant elegance and functionality also inspired us. Therefore it was clear, that when we got the job to market the Cinnamon Tower in Hamburg's Überseequartier, we needed to interview them.

Peter Wilson was born in Melbourne and studied architecture at his hometown university and, in 1972, continued his studies at the AA School of Architecture in London, where he met Julia Bolles. Together they founded their architecture firm BOLLES+WILSON first starting off in the British capital, and eventually moving to Münster in 1989. The company became well-known for its creativity expressed through freehand drawing and painting, and of course some well-known buildings such as the Suzuki House in Tokyo, or the transformation from a church to a kita at St. Sebastian.

We had the chance to ask Peter our favorite six questions.

Bolles + Wilson Cinnamon Tower I
Bolles + Wilson Cinnamon Tower II

Fantastic Frank: Dear Peter, we are very happy to have you and the chance to get to know some insights of you and your work. Our first question: Please define your style (of working).

Peter Wilson: Obsessive - the husbanding of buildings that have an individual and obsessive character - also drawing and writing about architecture related culture, including portraits of estate agents, bankers and property developers (to be seen in my book Bedtime Stories for Architects).

Bedtime Stories for Architects - B is for Berlin

Your dream project to design/build? Or maybe you already did?
A museum.

Luxor Theatre Rotterdam

Your current favorite restaurant (in Berlin or somewhere else in the world)?
St. John in London (St John Street, Clerkenwell).

Your favorite app?
None - the mind expands in digital darkness.

City Library Münster

Your favorite building in Europe?
Our first building in Europe - the now 30 year old City Library in Münster.

Your one piece of furniture you take with you on every move?
A surfboard-like Ship-shaped Sofa, made in Japan, Toyo Ito asked me to design it for an exhibition he curated in Tokyo.

Dear Peter, it's been really nice to hear your thoughts and I hope we will see another of your great projects in the near future.

Shipshaped Sofa




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