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Monte Rosa Hut

For those seeking new heights across distant lands, consider an expedition to this alpine architectural marvel, the Monte Rosa Hut in Zermatt, Switzerland. The striking, ultra-modern building is owned by the Swiss Alpine Club and is virtually self-sufficient in energy.

Monte Hut 01

Designed by Swiss modernists, Bearth & Deplazes, the innovative building emerged from a collaborative effort between the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, the Swiss Alpine Club (SAC), and many experts and specialist manufacturers. The new Monte Rosa Hut is the result of pioneering technologies in design and building construction.

Monte Hut 02

Thanks to a photovoltaic system that has been built into the southern façade and thanks to thermal solar collectors, the hut is self-sufficient for over 90 percent of its energy needs. Meltwater is collected and stored in a rock cavern. Furthermore, a micro filtering system bacteriologically cleans the wastewater and the gray-water is re-used for flushing the toilets.

Monte Hut 03

Reservations to stay appear to be hard to come by, but for those who like to plan well in advance take a look at the following reservation link.

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In the event you find yourself making the trek, we’d suggest tacking on a visit to Vals, Switzerland, a mini-international design community located in the high Swiss Alps. The Brucke 49 Inn is a must stay as each guest suite features Vipp Kitchens. And as a major bonus, the infamous Vals Thermal Baths designed by Swiss Modernist Peter Zumthor is just a short walk down the road.

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Photo Credits: Tonatiuh Ambrosetti

Monte Rosa Hut- Zermatt




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