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We catched up with Manuel Villanueva and Oro del Negro of Moredesign, founded 12 years ago. Located in Deià, Moredesign specializes in Mediterranean architecture and provides services encompassing architecture, design, and landscaping.

Tell us a bit about Moredesign, the services you offer and how you got started.
We founded the office in Nov 2011. We have grown from a two-person office, Oro and myself, to having 24 people with us. It has been a beautiful ride. We have primarily worked in high-end housing but have also accomplished other successful projects such as restaurants (Casa Jondal), hotel interventions (Hotel Corazon, Casa Pacha), or retail (Masscob store, Palma).

Where do you get your inspiration from?
We use a very wide range of inspiration. Our basic root system falls under Mediterranean culture, so we often look for examples not only in local architecture but in all the architecture that has been developed in this beautiful corner of the world. But not only architecture; art, literature, or music are part of our creative constellation, as are architectures from other areas, climates and cultures. In the end, it is a matter of sensibility, beauty and craftsmanship.

Can Teix, Mallorca.

Can Teix, Mallorca.

What is (or maybe was) your dream project?
Our dream project would be the day it comes to our new offices. I imagine an old shoe factory or an industrial building that we can renovate one day.

According to you, who is the most interesting architect in the world?
Thats a very hard question, which I would answer differently every time you ask for it. There are dozens of interesting architects. But since I have to name one, I would say the anonymous architects who built places like Son Rullan and Jørn Utzon and his project Can Lis.

Son Pi, Mallorca.

Son Pi, Mallorca.

Has your clientele changed in the past few years and if so, how?
It shifts; I would say less English people are coming to us lately and more Americans have appeared, but it varies greatly. We are not the ones who can establish general remarks about world trends and whose economies are stronger in the Baleares. In the end, it is also a bit of luck and coincidence that we meet the right people to do our projects. We are quite careful about accepting new projects, although we try to understand if it’s a project we can both benefit from doing together.

What are your clients looking for in 2024?
Nothing different. Perhaps people are more and more conscious of climate change and how to address it on a small scale.

What is your favourite place in Mallorca (except Deià) and why?
My favourite place in Mallorca is the sea around it, the timeless and beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

Son Pelat, Mallorca.

Son Pelat, Mallorca.




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