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In Studio with Jack Ludlam

We're excited to introduce our "In Studio" series where we highlight local designers and artists in their creative production spaces. In this first series, we'll visit Jack Ludlam at his LoHi gallery and studio.

FF: Where are you from and how did you end up living in Colorado?

JL: I grew up kind of all over the place. I was born in New Jersey but my family moved to Europe when I was two. We lived in France and England for several years before coming back to the US. Eventually I ended up in Ohio. That is where I still consider to be “home”. I actually ended up in Colorado as the result of a coin toss. I didn’t want to go to college, but my dad insisted. So on the night of decision when I couldn’t make a choice between schools my dad suggested flipping a coin between Washington and Colorado. Two months later I was in Denver at Regis university.

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FF: At what stage in your life did you first take interest in photography?

JL: I first picked up a camera when I was somewhere around eleven years old. I spent all my spare time hunting and fishing when I was growing up. Occasionally I would opt for my moms camera instead of my fishing rod. I really enjoyed the mechanics of all of it. Clicking the shutter felt satisfying, advancing the film sounded interesting, and waiting for the 4x6 prints to be finished at Walgreens was all exciting to me.

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FF: Was there a certain person or figure in your life that inspired your passion for the art form?

JL: Honestly, I think it was my mom. It’s not that she necessarily saw me as a “creative” when I was young. It’s just that she was always creating something. She paints, she ballroom dances, she is an incredible cook. I think being around someone who’s always creating something rubs off on you.

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FF: How would you describe your style of photography?

JL: I think these days I would classify it as object study photography with a focus on Americana. I think that detail, whether it be on a persons skin or the surface of an seemingly boring object can be interesting. In my current work the intention is to reduce distractions so the viewer can appreciate and admire the subject for what is it and the details that make it unique.

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FF: What does “home” mean to you?

JL: I think home is anywhere that your surroundings resonate with you. I know that sounds cheesy, but there are certain places that you experience for the first time that just make sense. Things line up. Anxiety goes away. Ohio is my physical “home” but last year I was in northern Wyoming camping by a trout stream and that sure felt like home too.

To learn more about Jack's work visit,

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