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Last Friday, we had the honor of attending the Swedish Franchise Gala and receiving the esteemed Franchise of the Future award. Hosted by the Swedish Franchise Association, the gala took place at the historic Grand Hôtel in Stockholm.

We are deeply honored to have received the Franchise of the Future award. The franchising model has been crucial for us in creating a scalable framework to expand across the globe, and this recognition is a testament to the hard work of our entire team, says Sven Wallén.

During the gala, representatives from accounting firm BDO read the motivation behind the award:
”To build and develop a Franchise of the Future requires innovation, creativity, determination, and courage. This year’s winners have created a world-class marketing concept, combined with a cutting-edge IT platform, that has taken their concept far beyond the borders of Sweden. In addition to several offices in Europe, they are now also represented in the US and Asia. This year’s winners have become one of the most talked-about players in their industry and a major recognized international publication has named the founders “the entrepreneurs who have inspired and developed their industry the most”. With a current situation where potential franchisees across the globe are lining up to get on board, the journey for this forward-thinking chain has only begun.”


Representing Fantastic Frank at the gala were CEO & Founder Sven Wallén, CMO Margarita Kradjian, and CTO & Founder Mattias Kardell.

Interested in learning more about becoming a franchisee of Fantastic Frank? Read more here.




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