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Meet Petrina Reddy, a globetrotter and incredible design entrepreneurial talent who’s made Ericeira, Portugal her home. Over the past decade in the region, she’s helped form a gamut of culturally significant ventures—including the cult-favorite surf shop Magic Quiver (with her husband Mario Wehle), a range of surf lodge and vacation rentals, a coffee shop, a restaurant, and an interior design practice and home goods boutique Saints at Sea (with a brick-and-mortar storefront in Ericeira and soon in Cascais). We caught up with her to learn more about her incredible life and practice, and to give you a better sense of what the region has to offer if you’re considering relocating to Portugal’s Silver Coast

It’s really great to be able to interview you, and share more of your experiences and insights with our community. Could you start by telling us a bit about your background?

I was born in Equatorial Malaysia, my family lived in Kuala Lumpur; as a family we were in constant motion, moving, changing, shifting, growing. I am a KLite—from a city in discovery of her identity. A city filled with colours, flavours, chaos of life, amalgamation of religions, the decay of old houses left behind by the British Empire, the beauty of languages.

At 17 I started a foundation in Arts and Design at a Parsons NYC outpost in Kuala Lumpur. I was going to focus on fine arts, then the Asian economic crisis hit and my college funds were lost in the stock exchange crash. So I opted for a practical route of Communication Design (training to toward becoming an Art Director). At 18 I started working designing posters, flyers, graphics for live news… the basics. While studying the whole time in KL, NYC and Halifax. Design was always a part of me and continues to be.

From those experiences of learning how to communicate ideas and concepts into the tangible, I jumped off the page and into space. Nowadays, I design for daily living—I paint, dabble in ceramics, make garments, cook with curiosity, question my place in the Universe and drink great Portuguese wines.


What made you fall in love with, and decide to settle in, Portugal?

Ten years ago, my husband and I decided to leave the bustling life of Kuala Lumpur. We were yearning live where to surf was a daily possibility, and to get back to Europe and it’s scrumptious cultures.

We were looking for a place that would resonate with our desire for a quieter, safer existence. We longed for a life by the sea (my husband is the surfer), where the waves would be our constant companion, where the rawness of nature is a force we feel.

Our search led us to Ericeira, a quiet little village that was authentically Portuguese. It wasn't just the raw cliff edges and small pockets of beaches that drew us in. Ericeira offered us welcoming people, warm weather, affordability, and accessibility. It was a place where our dreams of a serene and layback lifestyle could come true. The feeling of being a part of a community that cares and a culture that embraces the family as a core to daily living and the simple joy of watching our children grow up in an environment that fosters curiosity and cultural appreciation.

I love this description of Ericeira—could you tell us more about what it’s been like living there, and how it’s evolved over the past ten years?

Until about five years ago you could not find that many options of entertainment and the place would become a ghost town over the winter season. Over time, this has evolved. From the time we packed our lives and leaped here, Ericeira has transformed into a vibrant, international haven. It beautifully blends the charm of a historic seaside village with the energy of a cosmopolitan hub. The most noticeable change has been its evolution into a melting pot of cultures. When we arrived, learning Portuguese was a necessity; now, Ericeira boasts a diverse community, welcoming people from various nationalities, creating a rich tapestry of languages and traditions.

From surfing and horse riding to ceramic workshops, dance schools, and yoga studios, the kids (and adults) now have a plenty of choices of activities. The village has embraced a youthful spirit, but managed to kept the safety of a small village. Our children happily explore the village as if it’s their extended living room. The tiny pedestrian-friendly streets carry a sense of holiday vibes, allowing them to skate, hang out with friends, and walk around by themselves. The villagers and local business owners ensures that everyone looks out for each other, fostering a sense of belonging and care. Education options have also expanded with the introduction of innovative initiatives like Brave Academy, which has online classes and co-working spaces for their students. Besides that, you can find various school options including private and public institutions with Portuguese curriculum.

And of course, the village also instills a love for local cuisine, with seafood dishes being the most traditional around here. It is amazing to live in a place where you find products from local fishermen, farms, and businesses. And watching the mussel farmers collecting the daily haul from the nearby beaches has become a cherished family tradition.

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Casa Atlas, Ericeira, Portugal

Can you tell us a bit about your design style, and what your home is like?

For me, design is more than just aesthetics; it's a philosophy, a way of life. I believe in embracing the raw, unfiltered beauty of the materials and the environment around us. This philosophy has guided me to collaborate with local artisans, infusing the spaces I create with their handmade creations and preserving the essence of their craftsmanship.

Each item in our home tells a story, carrying the soul of its maker and resonating with the natural world. I believe that a home should not just be a structure; but a sanctuary, a temple where daily rituals are elevated into meaningful experiences, and where the concept of slow living finds its true essence.

Casa Atlas, as we named our home, is a living, breathing entity. We have designed our space to reflect this living connection, breaking it into three distinct sections, each serving a specific purpose: the top floor, a realm for dreaming, offers panoramic views of the ocean and sky, inviting introspection and creativity. The middle floor, the heart of our home, is where daily life unfolds—where we live, laugh, and love. It adapts with the changing moods of the day and the weather outside, providing a canvas for our emotions and experiences. The bottom floor, dedicated to cooking and dining, is a place of nourishment and connection, where culinary adventures come to life. And the courtyard is where we wash our wetsuits, bask in the warmth of a hot outdoor shower, and gather around a large fire pit, connecting with the primal elements that surround us. In essence, Casa Atlas is not just a physical space; it's a manifestation of my beliefs, a testament to the harmony between human existence and the natural world.

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Ericeira Surf House, Portugal. Exclusively for sale with Fantastic Frank Lisbon.

And can you share with us an introduction to two of your current ventures, Magic Quiver and Saints at Sea?

Magic Quiver
and Saints at Sea are ideas that have manifested into a culturally-relevant surf shop and an interior design studio that extends our philosophy through a retail store in Ericeira and and Cascais. They are embodiments that celebrate escapism, slow living, and a curation of moments.

Magic Quiver was a new approach to the surf industry at that time. It was focused on the culture of surf instead of solely high performance surf experiences. It is about embracing the lifestyle and curiosities of alternative surf boards. From a surf shop, we ventured out to design holiday rentals and eventually, a bed and breakfast, a cafe and a restaurant along with he initial surf shop. The idea took root in the lack of available options at the time, and was born from the desire to channel the spirit of escapism into tangible spaces. Through holiday rentals and eateries, I found a platform to not only create but curate environments where others could delve into a unique state of being.

With the pandemic-induced lockdowns came a pivotal moment for reflection. It was a time to reconsider the scale of Magic Quiver and to revisit the essence of escapism and the power of slow living. This introspection led to the birth of Saints at Sea, a haven dedicated to the art of craftsmanship and the celebration of local artists and artisans. At our stores, handmade goods take center stage, from garments to small furniture and objects designed for daily rituals.


Saints at Sea, Ericeira and Cascais, Portugal

Lastly, could you share some insights or recommendations for those considering a move to Ericeira?

We have helped many transition their lives here to Ericeira by sourcing and designing unique properties that enhance their daily living. We have cleaned out old properties and redesigned the way the areas function and brought meaning through curated objects and furnishings. I have made great friendships through working here together as a community, we don’t just build spaces, we breathe life into it… giving them a sense of homecoming.

Relocating to Ericeira can be a challenge initially. It certainly was a nuanced experience for us. Ericeira, nestled on this small corner of the Earth, offers a variety of living options despite maintaining its quaint village charm. What makes it special is its proximity to Lisbon and the convenience of the nearby airport, enriching your life experiences. While the culinary scene may not be as extensive, the availability of exceptional produce and fresh oceanic bounty enhances our gastronomy experiences. A compensation for this lies in the serene cliffside hikes and occasionally, for a touch of indulgence, exploring the local 5-star boutique hotels.





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