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Atelier 21

Atelier 21 is a Denver, Colorado-based architecture + design firm focused on the rigorous crafting of quietly designed buildings and spaces. Their immersive design process seeks the creation of a deep and meaningful relationship between living spaces and their surroundings - with a pursuit to present architecture, art, and nature as a seamlessly integrated experience.

Atelier 21 holds a passionate belief in reductive design strategies which evoke a physical and emotional presence of spatial purity, eschewing unnecessary form and ornamentation.  They strive for refined yet modestly simple designs through a balance of artistry and comfort with an emphasis on light, materiality, texture, and a committed sensitivity to site and landscape. 

The firm is intentionally small with the commitment of providing a personal, one on one level of service to our clients. They are drawn to like-minded collaborators to embark on journeys of discovery together with the intent to craft and execute projects responding to the essence of their client’s lifestyle and environment.


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