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A Conversation with Geertje van Odijk

This month, we turn our spotlight to Geertje van Odijk, a photographer who captures imaginative explorations that focuses on visual storytelling. From her first encounter with a camera at the age of ten to her current projects capturing the ephemeral grace of dancers, Geertje continues to explore her way of art with a camera.

Geertje's journey into photography began with a red camera that she got from her parents. It was this camera that opened the doors to a world where she could channel her innate love for observation and creation. "The concentration it brings, the hunt for a nice picture—I loved it right away," Geertje recalls, reflecting on how her childhood fascination with painting and drawing evolved into a lifelong passion for capturing moments.

A defining phase in Geertje's artistic development came when a friend lent her a Hasselblad camera to use on a project in Cuba. The project focused on the interiors of Cuban homes—a theme that allowed her to delve deep into the essence of her subjects. "Working on film with that heavy, beautiful camera gave me such heightened concentration, focus, and flow," she describes. This experience not only deepened her appreciation for film but also refined her methodological approach to photography, which she carries into her digital work today.

Thu Ahn - voorbeeld van een fijn foutje met film

Inspiration for Geertje comes from a rich variety of sources—literature, cinema, and the works of other creators. "I always have a current obsession," she admits, emphasizing the importance of new experiences and the simple pleasures, like sunlight, in fueling her creative process.

In discussing the evolution of photography, Geertje views digital technology as a powerful tool rather than a transformative force. "The core is still— and will always be—staying close to yourself and how you see things," she asserts, suggesting a balance between technological advancements and personal artistic vision.

Inside Cuba

While Geertje finds it difficult to single out her most prestigious project, she values the joy and inspiration her work brings to others above all. Her career has not been without challenges, but she prefers to look at difficult projects as learning experiences, much like overcoming the pains of childbirth.

Geertje is currently excited about her upcoming projects, which include a book about nature and a series on dancers. "Most excited really about collaborating with inspiring people, and knowing that I can keep doing this in some shape or form," she shares enthusiastically. Her journey is far from over, with many more stories to tell through her lens.

Voorbeeld dans project

Geertje van Odijk's photographic work is a testament to the power of vision and persistence. Through her lens, we gain a glimpse into not just the world as it is, but as it could be—filtered through the eyes of an artist who dares to dream and capture the essence of those dreams. As we follow her career, it's clear that each snapshot is not just a moment frozen in time, but a view through the lens of Geertje van Odijk.

Geertje van Odijk's portfolio on her website reveals a wide range of photographic subjects and themes. Her work includes captivating projects focused on natural environments, urban landscapes, and intimate portraits, emphasizing her diverse skills in capturing both the grandeur of nature and the subtleties of human expressions. She also explores unique settings and cultures, as evidenced by her in-depth projects like "Inside Cuba," showcasing her ability to document and narrate through visual storytelling.




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