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Careful preparation leads to optimal sales results.

Fantastic Frank is also a key player in the development of building projects and realizes unique concepts, modern marketing tools, and effective sales strategies. Our goal to create an effective brand for every project.

By optimally coordinating all relevant factors, such as target group, location, and sales characteristics, each object is used and communicated to the max. Together with our creative team and experienced real estate brokers, we ensure the best possible satisfaction on both sides - buyers and project developers - and to successfully position the project on the market.

Ahead of each project, we build a team to provide the right resources at the right time. Together, we design the most effective combination of services with the project in focus.

Fantastic Frank stands truly by your side from the beginning of the sales process until the last property is sold. We enable consistent high-level brand communication with know-how from both Berlin and Stockholm.

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Fantastic Frank projektentwicklung Charlottens

Fantastic Frank projektentwicklung IDA 2 und 3

Fantastic Frank projektentwicklung Pankow Terraces

Fantastic Frank projektentwicklung Am Schlosspark

Fantastic Frank projektentwicklung Thaerstrasse

Fantastic Frank projektentwicklung Lume

Fantastic Frank projektentwicklung Chausseestrasse






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Good preparations leads to the best sales results

Fantastic Frank is responsible for the project development of new projects and could be responsible for the areas of concept development, planning, marketing and sales strategies, financing, and distribution. The aim is to make the project into a strong brand and to strengthen it effectively. All factors such as location, target group, and sales characteristics are optimally used to satisfy the customers on both sides - sellers and buyers - as best as possible.

Fantastic Frank stands by your side from the beginning to the sale of the last piece of the building and represents the brand with a strong presence and know-how from Berlin and Stockholm.